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Latest Equipment & Technology

The dental clinic offers latest technology equipment that renewed in accordance with the patient’s safety and the faster completion of the dental services.

Dental Care

Dental care for all the family. We cover all the dental needs of all the patients, with respect to the person.

Professional Dentist

Great clinical experience since 1998 with continuesly education and precence to conferences and master courses.

"Smile, it lets your teeth breathe."

Why Choose Us

Clinical experience since 1998, with complete information for all the latest developments. We cover all the dental services in our dental clinic.


The most fascinated progress in dentistry. Replacement of missing teeth with a titanium base on which is placed a dental crown or bigger structures such as bridges or dentures.


Replacement of missing teeth with bridges or dentures or placement of crowns in already existing teeth in order to improve the mechanical or esthetic function.

Cosmetic Dentistry
& Oral Microsurgery

Restoration with different dental materials, such as esthetic, resins or ceramic materials to improve the smile or change the shape of the frontal teeth. Placement of hyaluronic acid as a solution for wrinkes, scars or other imperfections.


Small intervations such as apicoectomy, extraction of enclosed wisdom teeth, bladder removal, abdominal resection.

Pediatric dentistry

Rehabilitation of permanent and neonatal teeth, space maintenance, orthodontic treatment and any treatment needed by a child from the moment the first tooth rises.

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